If you are interested in carrying The Dirt Gems in your shop, please send us an email at (that is Dirt Gemz with a ‘Z’!)


Tucson Herb Store (Arizona) 
Spiral Circle (ORL)
* The Alchemist Kitchen (NY/NYC)
Ritualist (NY)
* Sassafras Mercantile (NY)  
Otherwild (CA)
* Botanica Life (California)
Kestrel Shop (MA)
* Hina Luna (Hawaii) 
Twin Star (CT)
* Ocotillo Botanica (Texas)
* Broom and Botanical (NC)
* Many Graces (MA)
* Mxd Greens (MA)
* California Sister (CA)
* Della Terra Apothecary (WA)
* Indian Gardens (Arizona)
* Stone and Star (CA)
* Ritual Cravt (Colorado)
* Thistle and Rose (MA)
* Earth Commons (Texas)
* The Mandrake Botanica (NM)
* Good Fight Herb Co. (NY)
* Tama One (CA)
* The Future (MN)
* Window To The Sky
* Farmacopia (CA) 
* Achillea Swooning
Clary Sage Herbarium (OR)



 Good Omen (Canada)
Crystal Cabin Gallery (Canada)
Little Red Tarot (UK. Online)
Green Muse Herbs (Canada)
Wild Craft Mercantile (Canada)
The Wootique (UK)
Two Sides Tarot ( Australia)