Sample Card

Calendula - Dirt Gems - Plant Card Deck - Plant Tarot


Calendula Officinalis

*The Fire Keeper*

As a guide, sunny, bright Calendula gently asks us to be willing to step into the light. Calendula teaches us that the deepest work does not always have to be the most obvious, that so often subtle, powerful healing is taking place without our conscious direction or understanding. Calendula allows us to be soft, yet firm, containing and eliminating what we do not need. They help us decide when to tell our unwanted voices, or any harmful presence, No, you may not proliferate, and when to invite sweetness to come on the tails of this release. Calendula is not cathartic or aggressive but instead allows quiet grief to subtly release. Calendula opens and guides, they penetrate light touch rather than force. Calendula can go to our difficult places, find the secrets and the shadows, and say to them: You. You are ok. Stay with me, but don’t devour me.

Calendula can move our voice as they move our lymph. Where fluids have puddled, circling, swelling, tender, so may be our thoughts and actions. Where we find ourselves stuck in mistrust, and misunderstanding, it is often because we are stagnant within ourselves. Calendula opens our voice, to state why we are here and mean it. To release what we have been holding, from patterning, from limited beliefs, from deficient tissue states. To let things move, to remove the container of insidious infection as well as toxic beliefs. 

Invite Calendula and their gentle fire to your table. Ask them to stand by your home, fill your vessels, and your words. Adorn your life with Calendula and remember their golden light is always there when you are stuck, shadowed with doubt, and longing for release.